Newspapers Are Now Calling On Trump To Resign

The Connecticut Post became the first newspaper in the United States to call on Donald Trump to resign from office.

The Connecticut Post editorial board wrote:

This is an impeachable offense. Republicans spent Wednesday arguing there was no explicit quid pro quo, but there is seemingly no line the president can cross that would inspire them to put the public good ahead of politics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, joined by the entirety of Connecticut’s congressional delegation, has called for impeachment proceedings, and that process must now begin in earnest.

he proper next step for the president is clear. He should resign. He has repeatedly proven himself unfit for office and appears to view the presidency as a position meant to benefit himself personally, not as one that must represent the interests of an entire nation.

Because there’s almost no chance he is going to step down, Congress’ work becomes that much more vital.

The truth is that Trump has been breaking laws and norms with impunity from the beginning.

America’s big corporate newspapers, like The New York Times and Washington Post, wouldn’t dare to take such a brave stand as to call for Trump’s impeachment. The dirty little secret that big media corporations who sell themselves as opposing Trump don’t want to tell their audiences is that Donald Trump has made them a ton of money. Trump has been great for giant corporate media. He elevates them and gives them a license to print money.

The calls for impeachment are going to have to come from big and small newspapers all across the country.

The Connecticut Post is right. The crimes aren’t going to stop. Trump doesn’t love his country enough to quit, so the best thing that citizens and media who want to protect their country from the Trumpian threat can do is to support House Democrats in their impeachment investigation.

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