Nervous Trump Panics As Support For Impeachment Tops 50%


Trump told his allies that he would get worried if support for impeachment hit 50%, which it did over the weekend.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell reported, “Our White House correspondents Kristen Welker and Geoff Bennett are both reporting that the president told allies days ago he would start worrying about losing Republican support if national polls showed support for impeachment topping 50%, which a major CBS online poll did just over the weekend.”

NBC’s Kristen Welker added, “So you have to think that nervousness, a frustration on the part of that we know that he’s watching the polls closely, as he always so this moment is no different. He is undoubtedly very aware of this new polling which shows public support for the impeachment inquiry topping 50%. Now, of course, this is an online poll and of course, all these polls are subject to variation as this story develops, but there’s no doubt that has to be stoking trepidation for the president and here in the White House.”



The CBS News poll shows support for impeachment hitting 55%. This is a new high in any poll, but it is in line with other polling showing a big shift in favor of impeachment, including among Independents.

The Ukraine scandal changed everything because it is a simple story with already released evidence to support it. This isn’t Robert Mueller with a narrow investigative mandate having his investigation undercut by Trump and William Barr. Trump is trying to use the Clinton impeachment playbook, but House Democrats have passed tons legislation that Mitch McConnell won’t allow a Senate vote on, and Bill Clinton never tried to blackmail a foreign country with military aid to get dirt of a political opponent.

The meltdown coming out of Trump’s Twitter account is because he is scared. Trump is scared that Republicans are leaving him. The nation wants him impeached, and that his presidency will soon be over.

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