Support For Removing Trump From Office Has Shifted 20 Points In Less Than A Week


A new Quinnipiac University Poll reveals that the Ukraine scandal has erased the majority opposition to removing Trump from office.

According to the Quinnipiac University Poll:

American voters are divided on impeaching and removing President Trump from office, 47 – 47 percent – closing a 20 point gap from less than a week ago, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released today. In the poll released on September 25th, voters said that the president should not be impeached and removed 57 – 37 percent. Among the political party subgroups, Democrats showed the greatest change from the last poll. Today, they show a virtual consensus on impeaching Trump, 90 – 5 percent, while last week they said Trump should be impeached 73 – 21 percent. The gap also closed among independents, who clearly said that the president should not be impeached last week 58 – 34 percent, and today are only slightly opposed to impeachment at 50 – 42 percent. Republicans feel much the same today as they did last week about impeachment; today, they say Trump should not be impeached 92 – 7 percent, and last week, they were opposed 95 – 4 percent.

While voters are split on impeaching and removing President Trump from office, a slim majority of registered voters do approve of the impeachment inquiry opened by the U.S. House of Representatives 52 – 45 percent. Approval includes half of independents, who are split 50 – 45 percent on the inquiry.


None of this would have happened if Democrats would have tried to impeach Trump over Russia. Trump and the Republicans spent years poisoning the Russia scandal with lies and conspiracy theories. Impeachment on Russia would have been fruitless. The Ukraine scandal is different. It doesn’t have a ton of players in multiple countries.

This is a story about a president abusing his power to pressure a foreign leader to collude with him to interfere in a presidential election.

It is easy to follow. Trump gave the American people the evidence in his own words.

Trump is freaked out because impeachment is working. It’s freight train that he can’t stop. Public opinion is changing fast, and with each detail, the situation gets worse for Donald Trump.