Trump Is The First Modern President That More Americans Want To Impeach


Trump made more bad history as he is the first president in the history of CNN asking the impeachment question to have more Americans want to impeach him than not.

Here is the CNN question, which was asked the same way of the last four presidents:


It is not political polarization. Support for impeaching George W. Bush never went higher than 30%. Support for impeaching Obama, who was relentlessly demonized by an entire conservative media cottage industry never went above 33%.

The Bill Clinton impeachment model won’t work for Trump, because support for impeaching Clinton never went beyond 29%.

Trump is in a unique position. He is the first president in history to never have an approval rating above 50% in an objective and credible poll. When his historic unpopularity is combined with a scandal that appears to confirm long majority held beliefs about Trump, the result is the opening of the political equivalent of a sinkhole beneath Trump’s feet.

The president has no support outside of his own minority base to turn to. Unlike Clinton, the conduct at the center of his impeachment probe is presidential, not personal.

The same question was asked of voters by pollsters for the last 21 years, and Donald Trump is the only president to ever more Americans wanting him impeached than do not.

The shift is happening rapidly, and Republicans are going to have to choose whether they are going to get out of the way or be buried in the impeachment landslide.

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