Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low As Impeachment Buries His Presidency

As Democrats move quickly with their formal impeachment inquiry, Donald Trump’s approval rating has reached a new low, according to a poll conducted by CNBC.

The survey finds that just 37 percent – ouch – approve of Trump’s job performance, which is his weakest showing in this particular poll.

Not only is Trump’s approval rating heading for the cellar, but there has been a “significant shift” in the number of Americans who support impeachment proceedings.

More from CNBC:

The survey found 47% opposing impeachment hearings and 44% approving. The difference is within the poll’s 3.5% margin of error.

The results are much closer than when an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll asked the same question in December 2017, finding 41% approving of impeachment hearings and a majority 54% disapproving.

Jay Campbell, partner in Hart Research, the Democratic pollster for CNBC, agreed that what’s been revealed so far “is not enough” to spur public opinion toward majority support of impeachment. But Campbell said the change between the two polls is statistically significant and puts the president “in a precarious situation.”

In more bad news for Trump, the poll also found that the percentage of Americans who approve of his handling of the economy – his strongest number in just about every survey –  is in decline.

According to CNBC, just 42 percent approve of Trump on the economy, while 50 percent disapprove.

The Obama-Biden economy that Trump inherited when he took office in 2017 is the sole reason why his approval rating hasn’t completely fallen through the floor. If he can no longer count on positive ratings in this area, he’ll be in a world of trouble in 2020.

Public opinion is shifting quickly

Before Democrats announced their formal inquiry, the American public really wasn’t that gung-ho on impeachment. But that appears to be shifting quickly as the Ukraine extortion scandal rocks the White House.

It’s almost important to remember that this is only the beginning of a scandal that will almost certainly get worse for the president as Democrats obtain more information and hear from more witnesses.

If public opinion continues to shift this rapidly in favor of impeachment, Republicans in Congress may be forced to reconsider the blind loyalty they have shown to this president for the past three years.

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