Trump Demands Adam Schiff Resign And Be Charged With Treason

Trump said in the White House that House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff should be forced to resign from Congress and be charged with treason.

Trump said, “The Senate is talking about it, not a thing wrong, unless you heard the Adam Schiff version where he made up my conversation, it should be criminal, it should be treasonous. He made it up, every word of it, made up and read to congress as though I said it. And I’ll tell you what, he should be forced to resign from Congress, Adam Schiff, he’s a low life, he should be forced to resign.”

Video of Trump calling on Schiff to resign:

Trump also wants Schiff charged with treason, “He took that conversation which was perfect, he said, I can’t read this, so he made up a conversation and he reported it and said it to congress and to the American people. And it was horrible, what he said. And that was supposed to be coming from me. But it was all fabricated. He should resign from office in disgrace and frankly, they should look at him treason because he’s making up the words of the President of the United States, not only the words but the meaning.”


Even if Rep. Schiff did what Trump claims he did, which he didn’t, it would not be treason. Trump doesn’t understand that misquoting a president is not treason. Treason is a crime against the country, not the president. Donald Trump isn’t the country. He is just the president.

Trump can’t defend his own actions, so he is smearing Schiff.

His attacks are silly, and they show what happens when a man of little political skill runs out of tricks.

Adam Schiff didn’t commit treason, but the same can’t be said with 100% certainty about Donald Trump.

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