During Impeachment Meltdown, Trump Accuses Schiff Of Having A Mental Breakdown


Trump had an epic meltdown at his news conference, where he accused Adam Schiff of having a mental breakdown.

Trump said, “This is a fraudulent crime on the American people, but we’ll work together with shifty Schiff and Pelosi and all of them and we’ll see what happens because we did absolutely — I had a great call with the president of it was 100%. You have the transcript. And then Schiff went up and got as the chairman of the committee got up and related a call that didn’t take place. Hard to believe nobody has seen this. He had some kind of a mental breakdown.”



Trump went on to accuse the House Intelligence Committee chairman of writing the whistleblower complaint himself.

The president also claimed that the Ukraine impeachment is a crime committed by Democrats and a conspiracy that started before he was elected:

Even by Trump’s lofty standards of nationally televised meltdowns, this was perhaps his biggest yet. It was full of the sort of rapid-fire lying. false allegations, contractory terms, illogical ranting, and gibberish that have come to define this presidency.

There is no left in the White House to reel Trump in, so the president is off the rails, and only making impeachment worse with each public appearance.

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