Trump Implodes And Confesses To Treasonous Crimes Against The US


Impeachment has caused Trump to self destruct and confess to committing crimes against his own country as president.

Trump tweeted on Friday morning:


This all started on Thursday night:

The president has no constitutional duty to fight global corruption unilaterally. That’s BS. Trump’s tweets are a confession that he did ask for foreign help in the 2020 election, but he did so under the ruse of “fighting corruption.”

If Trump was so interested in corruption, why has he never mentioned this before in the nearly three years of his administration, and why does his corruption interest begin and end with Joe Biden?

Trump confessed on Twitter. As if the phone call, whistleblower complaint, and texts from the ex-ambassador to Ukraine were not enough evidence to impeach him, Trump has decided to confess but claim that his treasonous crimes are legal because he is the president.

Trump is guilty. He is admitting that he is guilty. The president does not have the power to use his office to pressure foreign countries to interfere in US elections.

Donald Trump violated his oath of office and broke the law.

Impeachment has caused Trump to implode, and his defense of the indefensible amounts to an admission of treasonous acts against the United States of America.