Every GOP Senator Refused To Respond When Asked About Trump’s Demand For China To Investigate Biden

All 53 Republican Senators were asked to respond to Trump’s demand that China investigates Joe Biden, not a single on or their staffs replied to requests for comment.

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The Financial Times asked the office of every Republican Senator:

The Republican Senate majority will not be remembered in history as a profile in courage.

The difference between the Trump impeachment and the events that caused Richard Nixon to resign is that it is wishful thinking to believe that any Senate Republicans will vote to convict Donald Trump. The Senate Republican strategy under Mitch McConnell will be to bury impeachment and pretend like it doesn’t exist. The evidence doesn’t matter. Dozens of whistleblowers and Trump calls for foreign leaders to interfere in the 2020 election won’t matter.

Senate Republicans are going to turtle up and hide in their shells when asked icky questions about their president’s impeachable actions.
Some may express “concern.” but no one is going to do anything about it.

While voters are getting rid of Trump in 2020, they should also kick the spineless Republican Senate majority to the curb as well.

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