Trump Attacks The Senate Jurors In His Impeachment Trial

Trump’s attack on Mitt Romney was an effort to intimidate Republican Senators who will be the jury at his impeachment trial.

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Romney tweets some bland Romneyism sort of criticism of Trump:

Notice what Romney didn’t say. Sen. Romney didn’t say that he supported impeachment or would vote to convict and remove Trump from office. Sen. Mittens only said that what Trump is doing is wrong.

Trump responded by losing his mind and going ballistic on Romney:

The whole part of the left saying that we all have to be nice to timid little Mitt Romney because if we don’t he won’t vote to convict to impeach Trump are missing the point. Mitt Romney never said that he would support impeachment or vote to remove Trump. All 53 Republican Senators were asked about Trump’s call for China to investigate Biden and none of them would issue an on the record response.

Trump is trying to make an example of Romney. Trump’s tweets were a warning to every other Republican Senator who will be a part of the jury at Trump’s impeachment trial. Just in case any Republican was even thinking of voting to convict him, Donald Trump is already trying to intimidate the jury.

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