Trump Invents Fake Polls And Says His Poll Numbers Have Gone Up 17 Points In 3 Days

Trump is now inventing fake polling data as he falsely claimed that his polling data has gone up 17 points in three days.

Trump said, “This is a scam and the people are wise to it, and that’s why I think they said my polls went up 17 points in the last two or three days.”


Trump’s poll numbers have not gone up by 17 points in the last three days.

The only national poll of Trump’s job approval rating was an online poll done by conservative pollster Rasmussen, and even they had Trump at a net (-4), 47%-51%.
The other national polls had Trump’s approval rating at 41% and 43% respectively. There haven’t been any polls showing a great increase in Trump’s approval rating.

The President Of The United States is making up fake polls to make it look like impeachment is backfiring on Democrats. In reality, impeachment is causing important voters in critical swing states to support the Democratic nominee. No president in recent history has had as much support for impeachment as Trump does.

Impeachment is hurting Trump, so the only thing that he can do is make up insane fake poll numbers and hope that no one checks.

We checked, and Donald Trump is lying.

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