Poll Shows GOP Getting Politically Pummeled On Trump Impeachment

A new poll shows that the American people are siding with Democrats on impeachment and Republicans are already paying a price for defending Trump.

The Washington Post reported on the new Washington Post/Schar School Poll:

At this early stage in the impeachment inquiry, whose timing is fraught as the country barrels toward an election year, the public is siding more with congressional Democrats than Republicans when it comes to their responses so far. By a margin of 49 percent to 44 percent, Americans narrowly approve of the way congressional Democrats are responding to the inquiry. But by a margin of 56 percent to 33 percent, they say they disapprove of the way congressional Republicans are responding. The latter tally includes more than one-third of Republicans who disapprove of how their party’s congressional representatives are dealing with this.

Majorities of Americans say Democrats in Congress are making a necessary stand against Trump’s actions (61 percent) and are acting to uphold their constitutional duties (53 percent). Similarly, a majority (55 percent) say Democrats are not overreacting by starting the impeachment inquiry. However, in a potential warning sign to Democrats, 50 percent of Americans say that the impeachment proceeding is distracting Congress from more important issues, slightly higher than the percent who disagree (46 percent).

The poll also found cracks in the Republican Party on impeachment as more younger and moderate Republicans support the impeachment investigation than conservatives.

The damage from impeachment is spreading out from Trump and to those who defend him. 49% of those surveyed in the poll support removing Trump from office. Republicans have already seen that Trump’s base is not big enough to help them win elections. Impeachment is making the Republican Party even smaller, and as long as Democrats move fast on impeachment, which they are doing, Republicans in Congress who defend Trump are going to be damaged by sticking up for Trump’s potential crimes against his country.

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