Trump Bans Everyone From Testifying In Impeachment Investigation

Trump announced in his letter to House Democrats that he is banning everyone in his administration from testifying or turning over documents to the impeachment investigation.

This is the relevant part of the letter:

Those who are handwringing about how Democrats will counter Trump’s “strategy” are missing the point. Democrats don’t need to counter Trump or wait for witnesses.

The House has the power in an impeachment investigation. Trump doesn’t get to set the rules or decide how things go down.

If Trump refuses to provide documents or testimony from anyone in his administration, that’s fine. The House can move forward with articles of impeachment, and impeach him. The House has all of the evidence that it needs. Trump could be impeached based on the transcript of the phone call and the whistleblowers who have come forward.

The White House is trying to use the Mueller investigation playbook in a very different situation.

Trump already gave Democrats all of the evidence that they need. His written tantrum is a bid to close the barn door long after the horse is gone.

The president can try to ban everyone from testifying, but it doesn’t matter.

The House isn’t going to slow down, and they are still going to impeach him.

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