White House Knew Trump Broke The Law and Immediately Started Ukraine Cover-Up

White House aides knew that Trump abused his power during the call with Ukraine, so they scrambled to begin a cover-up immediately.

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted:

The White House knew that Trump abused his power and committed an impeachable offense when he tried to shakedown Ukraine to get them to investigate Joe Biden by withholding military aid. The call was not perfect. Trump clearly did something wrong. White House aides wouldn’t have tried to cover it up if the allegations were a “hoax” as Trump claims.

The cover-up is more comprehensive than previously suspected. The Department of Justice, the State Department, and White House aides are all involved in the cover-up. It appears that the entire Executive Branch of the government may have been corrupted.

The report from CNN is more damning evidence that Trump has been abusing his power, and he has an entire White House engaged in a cover-up operation.

Without the whistleblower, they might have gotten away with it. Those intelligence officials who blew the whistle on Trump did a great service for their country, because otherwise, the criminal operation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may have gone undetected ahead of the 2020 election.

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