Impeachment Breaks Trump As He Declares War On Lightbulbs


Impeachment has broken Donald Trump as he went on a weird White House rant about gas-guzzling cars and light bulbs in front of reporters.

Trump said, “We’re going against California. They make their cars so light it’s paper mache, and you get in an accident it’s very, very dangerous so we’re coming out with a whole new standard, and I think it’s going to be something very special. It’s got tremendous receptivity. Same thing with the light bulb, the incandescent light bulb, aside from the fact you look better.”

Trump was just getting warmed up, “Of course, who cares about looks? But you do look better with incandescent, but they weren’t allowed, and you have the privilege of buying now a much more expensive bulb, under the passed rules, much more expensive bulb that doesn’t have a good looking light, but maybe very importantly when the bulb is out, and not good, it’s literally considered a hazardous waste site because of all the gasses. If it breaks, you’re supposed to bring it to a certain location, and I say who does that? Nobody. Nobody.”



Whatever part of Trump’s brain that was left has been broken by impeachment.

To summarize, Trump claimed that he will be making vars thousands of dollars cheaper by bringing back gas guzzlers, and he went on a weird rant about incandescent light bulbs because he doesn’t like the way that they make him look.

The rant above came directly from the mouth of the President Of The United States.

Trump’s mind is gone, but apparently, he has declared war on lightbulbs and plans to make it a centerpiece of his 2020 campaign.

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