Trump Just Tipped Off Impeachment Investigators On The Full Ukraine Call Transcript

Trump tweeted lies about the transcript of the Ukraine call, which is a red flag to impeachment investigators that the must get the full transcript.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s claims are false. He did not release the full Ukraine call transcript, but a rough transcript.

The Washington Post reported one week ago, “Current and former U.S. officials studying the document pointed to several elements that, they say, indicate that the document may have been handled in an unusual way. Those include the use of ellipses — punctuation indicating that information has been deleted for clarity or other reasons — that traditionally have not appeared in summaries of presidential calls with foreign leaders, according to the current and former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the elaborate, non-public process.”

The transcript that Trump released is not the word for word transcript. There are parts of the call that are missing in Trump’s version of the transcript.

The rough version of the call that was released was bad enough to get the president impeached.

Trump is signaling with his tweet that the White House official who spoke to the whistleblower was correct. There is much more to the transcript than has been released. The more Trump tweets the worse he makes things for himself on impeachment.

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