Giuliani’s Busted Buddies Are Being Represented By Paul Manafort’s Lawyers

It is the circle of (Putin) life as Paul Manafort’s lawyers are representing Rudy Guiliani’s arrested co-conspirators in the Ukraine scandal.

Ken Dilanian of NBC News tweeted:

The nation has reached the point in Trump’s crime wave, where the storylines are beginning to overlap. It isn’t a coincidence that the same guys who represented Paul Manafort are representing two foreign nationals who are accused of illegally funneling foreign political donations to PACs supporting and Republican candidates. There is a web of crime and corruption that wasn’t explored by Mueller to its full extent because that wasn’t his mandate.

The fact that Manafort’s lawyers are representing Giuliani’s clients who were helping him try to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine should set off red flags and alarm bells for the country. The top of the Republican Party has sold itself to foreign governments and nationals. Ukraine was just the beginning.

The corruption at the core of Trump’s Republican Party is only beginning to be exposed.

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