Indictment Is The Smoking Gun Of Illegal Foreign Money Being Funneled To Trump


The indictment of two Giuliani associates on campaign finance violations is the smoking gun of how illegal foreign money is being funneled into the country to support Trump.

Tom Winter of NBC News described the illegal operation:

The men that are involved, the two individuals you stated, face multiple counts of conspiracy as well as falsifying records and falsifying records to the FEC. A pro-trump super PAC is essentially directly identified in the court documents. We don’t have to do much homework to figure that out. Both of these men organized a scheme to be able to move donations from a foreigner into that PAC and on top of that, a sitting congressman is referenced in the documents the congressman is not identified by name but as the congressman one, according to the indictment, I’m going to read this, on or about May or June of 2018, Parnas and Fruman, committed to raise $20,000 or more for then sitting U.S. Congressman identified as congressman number one. In addition to that, they were also going to raise some funds I’m going to skim through this a little bit.”


The unnamed congressman in the indictment is former Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)


Winter noted that this is the second time that illegal foreign money has been funneled into a pro-Trump organization, “In addition, they describe how money came from a foreign national through these men as part of their conspiracy to be donated to those political causes as I mentioned before. As you stated both are expected to appear here in court later today. I’m just going through the documents now. It’s a 21-page indictment that’s been handed up and has become unsealed. We’re going to continue to dig through it and go through it here. This is the second time that a foreign national or foreign nationals have been able to basically flow money through U.S. Persons into a political account or campaign account or some sort of a pro-President Trump fund.”

The indictment is another smoking gun that reveals how Trump is raking in the cash off of illegal foreign donations.

Trump asked multiple foreign countries for illegal election interference, so it makes sense that he and his supporters are also taking illegal foreign campaign contributions. The Republican Party is now owned by citizens of foreign governments. These foreigners got the Ambassador to Ukraine recalled, and are making US policy. As the inclusion of former Rep. Sessions demonstrates, Trump may be the biggest problem, but he is far from the only source of corruption in the Republican Party.

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