Trump May Dump Pence Over Impeachment And Ukraine

The Vice President’s office is worried that if his poll numbers continue to slide, Trump may dump Mike Pence in 2020.

Jonathan Lemire of the AP said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe while talking about Pence’s dodgy answer on Ukraine to reporters on Wednesday, “There’s real concern here that he can’t push back too hard because there’s still some nervousness around the vice president, that he could be pushed off the ticket. There’s at least enough discussion there that if trump sees that as needing a Hail Mary, you know, sometime next year if his poll numbers continue to slide he might try to push pence out despite how popular he is among evangelicals and conservatives. The vice president is in a bind leading to dodging answers like that.”


The story has long been known that Trump wants to create a family political dynasty. It is why he tried to turn Melania into the “new Jackie O.” Trump wants his kids to be president, so it would not be shocking in this context if he dumped Pence and put someone like his daughter Ivanka Trump on the ticket.

Donald Trump always needs someone else to blame for his problems.

Pence should be nervous because Trump has already been setting him up to take the fall on Ukraine.

Mike Pence is very popular with religious conservatives. One could argue that dumping Pence would only damage Trump with a segment of the Republican Party in 2020.

Trump is scared, and the Pence people should be worried about him throwing Pence under the bus.

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