Impeachment Is Destroying Trump As Both Biden And Warren Are Trouncing Him By Double Digits


In more evidence that the impeachment fight is destroying Donald Trump, a new poll from Fox News – the president’s favorite cable outlet – shows that both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren would trounce him if the election was held today.

According to the survey, both of the Democratic frontrunners lead Trump by 10 percentage points – 50 percent to 40 percent – among registered voters. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a 9-point lead over the president.

The poll comes a day after Fox News released other data that showed a majority of the country – 51 percent – believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

Biden takes a dip while Warren surges


In the Fox News poll released last month, Biden’s lead over Trump stood at 14 points. His 10-point lead in this month’s survey is still solid, but his numbers have fallen slightly since the middle of September.

Meanwhile, Warren’s lead over Trump has gone in the opposite direction. In the same poll conducted in September, she led Trump by just six points. Now she leads by double digits.

For months, Warren has seen her numbers among Democratic primary voters surge. According to RealClearPolitics, she has now pulled into a virtual tie with Biden in the average of all primary polls.

The same dynamic seems to be playing out in general election data as well with the Massachusetts senator’s lead over Trump continuing to expand as we get closer to 2020.

The top Democratic candidates can beat Trump

It’s still true that when all national polling is taken into consideration, former VP Joe Biden seems to have the best chance of defeating Donald Trump next November.

According to RealClearPolitics, he leads Trump by an average of seven points nationally, while Warren is ahead by an average of five points.

But as the impeachment process continues and Trump repeatedly demonstrates just how unfit he is to be in the White House, the American people appear more ready than ever to send him packing – regardless of who the Democratic nominee is.

It’s clear that Trump is most afraid of facing Joe Biden in 2020. It’s why he went out of his way to criminally extort a foreign power into giving him dirt on the former vice president’s family.

But the polling increasingly shows that even if Biden isn’t the Democratic nominee next year, Donald Trump will face an uphill climb.

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