Rudy Giuliani Is Freaking Out As The Law Closes In On His Crimes

Rudy Giuliani is rambling gibberish and in total freak out mode now that he is the subject of a criminal investigation over his potentially illegal activity.

Giuliani tweeted:

Giuliani’s tweet sounds like it was written by Trump. The only problem is that Rudy Giuliani knows better. He knows that no one is being denied “due process.” Neither he or Donald Trump is on trial. Trump is under investigation for potential impeachment, and Giuliani is under criminal investigation for business dealings with two Ukrainians who were trying to illegally launder foreign campaign contributions to help Donald Trump.

The president’s lawyer looks like he is going down. Even if Giuliani avoids federal charges, there are likely to be state charges in multiple jurisdictions.

Like his client, Rudy Giuliani can’t argue the facts. It is Rudy who has been pushing the Ukraine/Biden conspiracy theory, so it makes sense that he would view the investigation into his own potential criminal activity as a conspiracy.

Trump isn’t going to be able to save Rudy Giuliani, and trying to act like Donald Trump is only going to sink the president’s TV lawyer.

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