Kamala Harris Obliterates Don Jr.: ‘You Wouldn’t Know A Joke If One Raised You’

California senator and 2020 Democratic contender Kamala Harris shot back at Donald Trump Jr. on Friday night after the president’s son attacked her sense of humor.

In a tweet, Don Jr. shared a Fox News video – like father, like son – and criticized Harris for having the nerve to laugh at her own joke.

Harris’ response was short but epic: “You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.”

In his initial (grammatically incorrect) attack, Trump Jr. said, “Why is @KamalaHarris the only person that laughs at her jokes… always way to long and way too hard? The most disingenuous person in politics… after Hillary.”

Don Jr.’s swipe at the California senator yet again begs the question: Does this man have a job or is launching random attacks on Twitter his sole purpose in life?

Note to Don Jr.: Some people have a sense of humor

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump Jr. can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that some people genuinely enjoy laughing and telling jokes.

His father, after all, is a sad man who is rarely seen having a genuine moment of laughter. There are two reasons behind that: 1. The president simply isn’t smart enough to understand or tell jokes; and 2. He’s too insecure to take one.

To substitute for their lack of humor, the Trump men have made up for it by turning the hate and vitriol up to 11. Their version of a good joke is to denigrate others, as the president constantly demonstrates at his rallies and Don Jr. repeatedly shows on Twitter and cable news.

In this case, the president’s son is clearly grasping at straws if his best attack line on Kamala Harris – one that you’ll never hear about a man, by the way – is that she has a sense of humor and likes to laugh.

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