Shep Smith Was Pushed Out At Fox News For Attacking Trump’s Friends

Shep Smith was forced out at Fox News after he was told to stop attacking one of Trump’s favorites, Tucker Carlson.

Gabriel Sherman, the most plugged in Fox News journalist out there tweeted:

Both points can technically be correct. Smith did decide to leave on his own, but the decision was made for him by the conditions that Fox News placed on his staying with the network. Smith was either going to stop criticizing Trump’s friends or leave. Smith chose to leave.

Fox News is siding with Donald Trump. America has never seen a president exert so much influence over a television network. Rupert Murdoch is gambling that Trump wins a second term. If he doesn’t, Fox News will be stuck with a roster full of pro-Trump talking heads to lead a gutted Republican Party that was remade in the image of Donald Trump.

Fox chose Trump over journalism, and they forced one of their few on-air talents with journalistic credibility out the door to appease a soon to be impeached president.

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