Trump Humiliates Himself By Threatening To Sue Pelosi and Schiff Over Impeachment

In a Saturday evening speech, President Donald Trump threatened to sue Speaker Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff over impeachment.

Trump said, “I told my lawyers I said sue them anyway. He’s got immunity. We can’t sue them for that. I said sue them anyway, even if we lose the American public will understand, and sue Nancy Pelosi, or maybe we should just impeach them because they’re liars.”


Nancy Pelosi can’t be impeached. Trump also can’t sue Pelosi and Schiff over impeachment. The Speaker of the House is not a contractor that Trump is trying to get out of paying. The House of Representatives has the constitutional power to conduct oversight and investigations of the Executive Branch of the government.

Trump doesn’t get it. There is no court in this country that would allow a lawsuit against Pelosi and Schiff to be heard. Any lawsuit that Trump filed would be immediately laughed out of court. The American people would understand that the President Of The United States has never read the Constitution.

Trump’s lawsuit threat does provide insight into how his mind works. Trump thinks the court system exists to settle his petty grievances.

Trump can’t sue the House for the impeachment investigation, and the fact that he thinks he should, reveals how far in over his head he is on impeachment.

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Trump threatens to sue Pelosi and Schiff over impeachment
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