Biden Calls Trump The Most Corrupt President In History And Pledges To ‘Beat Him Like A Drum’

Former Vice President Joe Biden didn’t mince words on Tuesday night as he called Donald Trump the most corrupt president in American history.

When asked about the ongoing impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats, Biden said Trump has left Congress no choice but to launch the probe.


Biden said:

I said in the beginning that if in fact Trump continued to stonewall what the Congress is entitled to know about his background, what he did, all the accusations in the Mueller report, if they did that, they would have no choice — no choice but to begin an impeachment proceeding which gives them more power to seek more information. This president … is the most corrupt in modern history and I think all of our history. The fact is, this president of the United States has gone so far as to say, since this latest event, that in fact he will not cooperate in any way at all, will not let us hear from any witnesses, will not provide any information, will not do anything to cooperate with the impeachment. They have no choice but to move.

A few moments later, Biden turned Trump’s latest attacks around on him. He said the president is only begging for foreign assistance because he knows Biden will “beat him like a drum.”


Biden wants voters to see him as Trump’s toughest opponent

Joe Biden continues to poll strongest against Donald Trump in head-to-head matchups. The president’s efforts to extort Ukraine into giving him political dirt on the former VP only boost Biden’s argument that he is most feared by Trump.

By taking it directly to Trump on Tuesday night, Joe Biden is trying to remind voters that he is still arguably the most electable Democrat in the field.

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