Pete Buttigieg Smacks Down Tulsi Gabbard For Defending Trump’s Syria Disaster

South Bend mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg slammed Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on Tuesday night for essentially defending Donald Trump’s reckless and deadly policy in Syria.

Gabbard said that what’s happening in Syria isn’t just the fault of the current president. Instead, both parties who have been pushing “endless war” are to blame for the bloodshed playing out across the region.

The South Bend mayor took issue with her framing of the issue and he let her know it.

“You can put an end to endless war without embracing Donald Trump’s policy, as you’re doing,” Buttigieg said to Gabbard. “What we were doing in Syria was keeping our word.”


Buttigieg said:

You can put an end to endless war without embracing Donald Trump’s policy, as you’re doing. … What we were doing in Syria was keeping our word. Part of what makes it possible for the United States to get people to put their lives on the line to back us up is the idea that we will back them up, too. When I was deployed, not just the Afghan national army forces but the janitors put their lives on the line just by working with U.S. Forces. I would have a hard time today looking an Afghan civilian or soldier in the eye after what just happened over there. And it is undermining the honor of our soldiers. You take away the honor of our soldiers, you ever might as well go after their body armor next. This president has betrayed American values, our credible has been tattered. I will restore U.S. Credibility before it is finally too late.

Donald Trump has blood on his hands

Since Donald Trump gave the green light for Turkey to move into Syria and slaughter the Kurds – trusted American allies who helped fight ISIS in the region – he has faced bipartisan condemnation.

Unfortunately, Tulsi Gabbard seemed to suggest during Tuesday night’s debate that it’s not just Trump who deserves blame for the humanitarian catastrophe playing out in Syria, even though both parties know he is solely responsible.

Tulsi Gabbard came into this debate facing serious concerns about her foreign policy views. Her unwillingness to call out Trump and Trump alone for the bloodshed in Syria will only add to those concerns.

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