Business Partner Of Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Now In Custody

David Correia, the Trump-supporting Giuliani associated who was wanted by law enforcement, has been taken into custody and will be arraigned tomorrow.

The news:

Trump and Giuliani’s Ukraine crew are being rounded up and arrested. The scheme is coming unglued. These men are wanted for felony campaign finance violations that involve illegally funneling foreign money to support Trump and Republican politicians.

Giuliani is under criminal investigation, as prosecutors have been reviewing his bank records and are focused on the president’s lawyer’s business dealings in Ukraine. The Trump and Giuliani mission in Ukraine was never to remove corruption, but to bring it back to the country.

The criminal web that is being weaved separately from the House impeachment probe reveals Trump and Giuliani connections to Ukrainian oligarchs with ties to Russian oligarchs who have been illegally financially supporting Trump and Republicans.

There is a level of corruption and foreign interference in this scandal that goes beyond Trump, the Ukraine call, and impeachment.

The dominoes are falling, and it is only a matter of time until Rudy Giuliani is next in line.

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