Trump Starts Sham White House Review To Find Ukraine Call Scapegoat

The White House has launched an internal review into Trump’s Ukraine call as it is clear that the president is looking for someone to take the fall for his impeachable offenses.

NBC News’s Hallie Jackson reported, “I’m hearing from a source inside the white house there’s an internal review about the call between President Trump and the Ukrainian leader.”

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell added, “And when you speak of internal review, this is one of the things that will certainly make tensions rise within the white house. Taking a look inside, kind of backtracking who was responsible for what around that July 25th call between the president and the president of Ukraine, president Zelinsky, and how did the materials from that, the transcript that it’s been described as or a call summery, how did the product of that call end up in the highly classified code-word access only server? And looking for the trail of how those decisions were made. And one of the things that comes of that, of course, is when you begin investigating internally done by the White House about the White House, that also raises anxiety about where could blame fall? Who might become a potential scapegoat in this scenario? That’s one of the concerns that certainly is valid among those in the White House when you’ve seen from the first day that they came into 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, there was also a lot of internal power games and internal power jockeying.”


Trump has already tried to throw his own vice president, Mike Pence under the bus. When that didn’t work, he blamed Energy Secretary Rick Perry, which also didn’t work. The next step for the president, with impeachment looming, is to find someone, anyone, to blame for his own Ukraine call.

It is going to be difficult for Trump to blame this fiasco on someone else since he directed Rudy Giuliani to run the shadow operation in Ukraine.

Trump is desperate and searching for someone to take the fall for his impeachable offenses.

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