Trump’s Lawyer Throws Mick Mulvaney Under The Bus After He Admits Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow claimed to have no involvement after the president’s chief of staff admitted the Ukraine quid pro quo.

After Mick Mulvaney did this in front of the entire world:

Mulvaney went on to add that the Trump administration does this in foreign policy all of the time.

The statement from Sekulow was short and sweet:

Mulvaney blows one to Trump’s few remaining talking points on the Ukraine call into a million pieces, and Trump’s lawyer’s response is to say that they had nothing to do with that, which is there version of throwing Mulvaney under the bus, running him over, and then stopping to get more gas for the bus, so they can run him down again.

Trump’s plausible deniability vanished the second that he released the transcript of the Ukraine call, but the people who are working at his direction like Mick Mulvaney are taking turns shoveling dirt on to Trump’s political grave.

If Trump wasn’t already doomed, Mick Mulvaney finished the job.

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