Even Fox Admits Trump Is Violating Emoluments Clause By Holding G7 At His Golf Club

Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano said that by awarding himself the G7, Trump has created a direct and profound violation of the emoluments clause.

Napolitano said, “It’s not my notion. It’s the Constitution’s notion. The Constitution does not address profits, it addresses any present, as in a gift, any emolument as in cash of any kind whatever. I’m quoting the emoluments clause, from any king, prince or foreign state, so if this were a meeting of the governors of the United States, there would be no violation of the emoluments clause.”


Napolitano explained that the emoluments clause is in the constitution to prevent the president from receiving gifts or cash from foreign entities.

The Judge continued, “He has bought himself an enormous headache now with the choice of this. This is about as direct and profound a violation of the emoluments clause as one could create.”

Trump’s behavior is an obvious violation of the constitution. The president will be accepting money from foreign governments. There are so many better sites and venues that could have been chosen for the G7 than Trump’s failing private golf club.

The House Judiciary Committee is already investigating and could add an emoluments clause violation to Trump’s articles of impeachment.

Trump created this problem for himself, but he doesn’t care because he views the presidency as nothing more than a cash grab. Trump is trying to get all of the money that he can before voters run him out of office in November 2020.

Even Fox News getTrump’s behavior is corrupt and criminal that even Fox News can’t defend it.

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