Unhinged In Texas, Trump Takes Credit For Getting Himself Impeached


Trump claimed during his Dallas rally that he outsmarted Democrats by releasing the Ukraine phone call that got him impeached.

Trump said, “See, we did one thing. You always have to do the unexpected. They never thought I’d release the conversation with the Ukranian president.”



It is the conversation transcript that Trump released that launched the impeachment investigation. If Trump would not have released the conversation, Democrats might not have the ironclad that they needed to impeach him.

Trump’s massive mistake in releasing the rough call notes is why impeachment moved forward so quickly. The president handed the case for impeachment to Democrats on a silver platter. He gifted impeachment to the House, yet, Donald Trump thinks that he outsmarted Democrats by getting himself impeached.

Trump is completely unhinged, and he thinks that he is winning even though he is set to become the third president in US history to be impeached.

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