Trump Met With Waves Of Empty Spaces and Empty Seats At Texas Rally


Trump arrived in Dallas for his rally to be met by empty seats and big chunks of empty spaces in an arena that holds 20,000 people.

Here was the scene before the rally:


This is what it looked like via the Fox News live stream two minutes after the rally was supposed to begin:

Any campaign worth their salt will always fill in the crowd on the camera side so that the rally looks gigantic on TV, but there is some empty space in the arena for Trump’s event, which is not surprising given Trump’s lack of popularity in Texas.
Before the president arrived in Dallas, the Texas Democrats provided a statement to PoliticusUSA that highlighted Trump’s struggles in the Lone Star State:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said:

Tonight, this President is going to go on stage and lie to his supporters about his standing in the state of Texas and the destruction that he’s caused our state and our country. Let’s be clear: the only reason Donald Trump is in Texas tonight is that he knows he will lose the state and lose this election. Several polls show Trump losing Texas to top Democratic contenders. Donald Trump is terrified.

Democrats will win the White House, take out Trump’s biggest supporter John Cornyn, expand the US House Democratic majority, break the Republican supermajority in the Texas Senate, flip the Texas State House, and win hundreds of local races across the state in 2020.

Trump is in Texas because he’s scared, and less than full arena that he will be speaking to should only add to his terror.

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