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Democrats Show Trump They’re Not Screwing Around On Impeachment

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Rep. Eric Swalwell said that Democrats aren’t screwing around with Donald Trump and his bogus executive privilege claims on impeachment.

Andrea Mitchell asked Swalwell about fighting Trump in court to get witness testimony, and he answered, “So we tried that with the Mueller investigation, and you saw these lawless assertions of executive privilege. So now in this investigation, the way we see it is, if

you want to come forward as a White House witness, a State Department witness, if you want to come forward to help the president, to exonerate the president, and you have evidence to present, you should do that. But if you don’t want to do that, we’ll conclude it’s a consciousness of guilt. We’ll put in a bucket of acting guilty, and it will be considered as an article of impeachment for obstruction of congress. We’re not going to screw around with these lawless assertions of executive privilege any longer.”


Democrats are right.

Trump is attempting to assert executive privilege as a way of slowing the impeachment process down. Trump’s entire strategy on impeachment is to drag out the process so that it runs into the 2020 election year so that he can attack impeachment as an election-year stunt and attempt to discredit the investigation. Democrats learned their lesson from the Russia investigation. They aren’t going to let Trump delay their process, and they are done screwing around with this lawless president.

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