Trump and Pence Humiliated As Syria Ceasefire Exposed As Fake


Trump bragged about a Syria ceasefire, but it turns out that Turkey was correct. There is no ceasefire as the shelling has continued.

Turkey is continuing to attack in Syria:


Reuters journalists on the scene reported that the shelling and machine-gun fire are continuing, “Shelling could be heard at the Syrian-Turkish border on Friday morning despite a five-day ceasefire agreed between Turkey and the United States, and Washington said the deal covered only a small part of the territory Ankara aims to seize. Reuters journalists at the border heard machine-gun fire and shelling and saw smoke rising from the Syrian border battlefield city of Ras al Ain early on Friday, although the sounds of fighting later subsided by mid-morning.”

The ceasefire that Trump and Pence claimed to have negotiated was a fake. The United States is humiliated in front of the entire, as Trump has already announced that the Turks can do whatever they want because the president won’t sanction “his friend.”

The United States is caught up in an impeachment crisis, but with each passing day, the Syria situation grows more damaging to US global credibility.

At some point, one way or another, Trump will be out of office, but the price the United States will pay for his actions will linger on for years to come.

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