Republicans Plan To Save Trump By Blaming Everything On Rudy Giuliani

Democrats see the Republican strategy on impeachment as being a plan to save Trump by blaming it all on Rudy Giuliani.

According to Politico:
Democrats say they’re beginning to see a GOP strategy developing — one that tacitly criticizes Giuliani but treats his actions in Ukraine as a rogue, one-man mission that was not specifically sanctioned by Trump.

“The idea is let’s throw everyone including Rudy under the bus to protect the president,” said Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Mich.). “The cast of characters around him continue to change all the time. But there’s one constant — and that constant is the source of all the chaos, and that’s him.”

The plan seems to be to find someone to take the fall for Trump on Ukraine. Trump got Mike Pence roped into it. The president tried to blame Rick Perry, but Perry saw what was coming and resigned from the cabinet.

Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to blame the State Department, and make it totally clear that Donald Trump was directing the whole operation make more sense now. Even though Trump hasn’t dumped his lawyer yet, the writing is on the wall that Republicans want to blame everything on Rudy Giuliani to save Donald Trump.

The blame Rudy clouds are building, as Trump has done with others, he will eventually say that Ukraine was all Giuliani’s idea that he had nothing do with. Democrats are ready and they aren’t going to let Trump escape by blaming Rudy Guiliani.

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