White House Officials Say Trump Is Coming Apart And Unraveling

Former and current White House officials say that Donald Trump is coming apart and unraveling over impeachment.

Politico reported:

“It’s just looking like everything is coming apart,” said a former White House official. Another former senior West Wing aide agreed that the White House seemed to be “a little bit unraveling” in recent days.

Some current White House officials say they are simply exhausted after all the constant fighting, and lack the energy to try to constrain a wilful president bent on having his own way. It’s normal for officials to return to the private sector after a few years of pressure-cooker public service, but the Trump administration has seen extraordinary levels of turnover, and the administration’s current ranks are thin and getting thinner. A current White House official described a “who cares” attitude creeping through the building under Mulvaney’s hands-off management style.

Drama queens like Donald Trump make really bad presidents because even in the best of circumstances, working in the White House is a demanding and endless job. Throw in a president who is running his administration like a one-man show that constantly needs turmoil and conflict and the end result is an administration that can’t message, can’t govern and spends all of its time catering to the whims of the president.

Trump has gotten rid of any check or official who might keep him in line, so when he goes off the rails, it is out there for the world to see.
Impeachment has broken Trump more than anyone could have imagined. Trump is coming unglued before he gets to his reelection campaign. Trump should have never been president, and he is showing the nation why he shouldn’t be reelected.

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