Jake Tapper Crushes Trump And Congressional Republicans For Refusing To Come On CNN

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out the White House and House and Senate Republicans for refusing to come on his show and be held accountable.

Tapper said, “For the fourth week in a row, the White House and top House and Senate Republicans have refused to come on this newscast to answer our questions about all of these important developments.” We hope they will come to explain all of this to the American people, because especially at a time when the White House has ended the practice of regular press briefings, they are shirking this important part of their duty to the American public to explain what they are doing with our money and in our name.”


Outside of Fox News Sunday, Trump administration officials have gone into hiding. It has been years since the president himself did an interview outside of Fox News. As this administration becomes even more scandal riddled, high-level elected Republicans are increasingly refusing to go on cable news or network television to defend Trump.

Elected Republicans need Trump’s base to win reelection, but he is so toxic that being seen on national television defending Trump could cost them their seats. The White House is in hiding, top House and Senate Republicans are laying low, but the Trump presidency is not going to blow over.

Accountability is going to find Republicans either through media questions or in the voting booth in 2020.

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