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In Sunday Night Meltdown, Trump Demands Adam Schiff Be Deposed

Trump launched into a bizarre rant on Sunday night, where he demanded that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff be deposed.

Trump tweeted:

Where is Adam Schiff going to be deposed? Trump knows that Schiff has immunity and can’t be sued, plus Adam Schiff did nothing wrong, so how is this deposition that Trump is demanding happening? Adam Schiff is a former prosecutor. Deposing Rep. Schiff would have the same impact as deposing Donald Trump. Trump only has one playbook, and it has become obvious once he replaced the “Russia hoax” with the “Ukraine hoax.” Adam Schiff is now playing the role of Robert Mueller, just like Trump thinks that the Democratic nominee will play the role of Hillary Clinton in 2020.

Donald Trump is obsessed with impeachment and clearly not well.

He is making demands that have no connection to reality as his primary motive is to throw wild allegations against the wall and hope that something sticks to save his presidency.

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