Trump Throws A Fit After Being Forced To Scrap His G7 At Doral Scheme

Trump threw a fit while announcing that he was not going forward with his corrupt and illegal scheme to award the G7 to a golf club that he owns.

Trump tweeted:

The American people certainly are “irrationally hostile” to crime and corruption from the President Of The United States. In Trump’s entire tantrum, the president never said that a property that he owns should never have been suggested as a venue for a summit. Trump never admitted that was he was trying to do was both improper and illegal.

Trump wasn’t going to give the country his club to use for free. The Trump Organization said that the hotel rooms would be provided “at cost,” but would not specify what the cost was.

Donald Trump is upset because the G7 was going to be a big financial windfall for his business. The G7 was Trump’s last big score before losing the White House, and thanks to public outrage and political pushback at least one Trump corruption con has been thwarted.

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