Trump Is Livid After Democrats Thwart His G-7 Crime Spree

Trump has spent much of his Sunday raging at Democrats on Twitter for thwarting his planning G-7 crime spree that would have violated the Constitution.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is clearly angry that Democrats stopped his plan to make millions of dollars by hosting the G-7 at his failing Doral golf club. Trump was never going to give away the hotel rooms. The Trump Organization told the press that the government would be billed “at cost,” which is a meaningless term since Donald Trump would set the cost for his own hotel rooms.

The bigger issue is that Trump still hasn’t denied that he was prepared to take millions of dollars from foreign governments by hosting the G-7 at his club. That is the bigger and potentially criminal issue. If Trump used the information on the bids of his competitors to underbid them for the G-7, that is against the law. There was never going to be any real discount to foreign governments who are coming to the US for the G-7.

Trump views the presidency as an infomercial for his business.

The G-7 was going to be Donald Trump’s big score, but Democrats stopped him, and that is why the president is raging on Twitter over a crime spree that never was.

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