Trump Attacks Obama As He Spends 283 Years Of Presidential Salary On Taxpayer Funded Golf


Trump attacked Obama for not donating his presidential salary, but Donald Trump has spent nearly 300 years of presidential salary on taxpayer-funded trips to go play golf at his private clubs.

Trump said, “I give away my salary. I give it away and nobody said anything. Now it comes up because of this. I give away my presidential salary. They say no other president has done it. I am surprised to be honest with you. They say if George Washington may have been the only other president. Let’s see whether Obama gave up his salary or all your favorites give up their salary. The answer’s no. They say it is the only one. $450,000, a lot of money, close to. I give that up.”



Trump later ranted about Obama’s book and Netflix deals.

In August 2019, we reported that Trump had spent 278.5 years of presidential salary on taxpayer-funded golf trips. Trump had taken 207 golf trips as president at a cost of $108 million. Since our initial report, the numbers have grown. According to Trump Golf Count, the president has now taken 223 golf trips at a cost to taxpayers of $110 million.

Trump has spent 5 more years of presidential salary in the last two months on taxpayer-funded golf trips.

Trump has spent more money on golf in three years than Obama spent on all of his travel in eight years.

Taxpayers would be better served if Trump took his salary and paid for his own golf.

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