Bill Taylor Took Detailed Notes On The Ukraine Scheme And Sunk Trump

Envoy Bill Taylor took detailed and meticulous notes through the entire Ukraine scheme and those notes are sinking Donald Trump.

Garrett Haake od NBC News reported, “As one Democratic lawmaker who’s been in the room all day told me, he’s the first witness who was there from beginning to end and who — and we are learning once again the importance of this — took meticulous contemporaneous notes of everything along the way. This is someone who apparently has done this his whole career. Took notes about meetings. Took notes about phone calls and came prepared to testify today with this incredibly complete timeline from the moment he was approached about the job returning to Ukraine.”


Diplomats and intelligence professionals take detailed contemporaneous notes. One would think that Trump and his band of inept criminals would have figured this out after the Russia scandal, but since they got away with the Russia scandal, they probably felt emboldened, like they could do anything. Taylor’s notes have given the impeachment investigation the roadmap through the Ukraine scheme.

House investigators already had the whistleblower complaint, the call, and other witness testimony, but now they have someone who was there from beginning to end who is walking them through it and putting the pieces together.

Rudy Giuliani gave him the Biden conspiracy theory, and Donald Trump directed the scheme to shakedown Ukraine.

The has never been a more slam dunk case for impeachment in the history of the country.

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