Lindsey Graham Defends Trump Calling Impeachment A Lynching

Sen. Lindsey Graham ran to Trump’s defense after the president called his impeachment a lynching.

Trump tweeted:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) showed that there is nothing that Trump can do that would cause Republicans to break with him:

House Democrats aren’t “taking the law into their own hands.” Under the Constitution, they are the law on impeachment. Trump is under investigation by the House. He doesn’t get “rights,” just as criminal suspects don’t have Miranda rights until after they are charged with a crime.

The racism is as obvious as Trump’s self-pity. After slavery, lynching is one of the big crimes and acts of terrorism perpetrated against African-Americans in US history. Trump is not being lynched. Democrats are not a mob of vigilantes. Trump is a criminal who is being investigated for his crimes.

Trump’s lynching tweet should be disavowed by every Republican. Instead, we have people like Lindsey Graham normalizing Trump’s racism and proving that it is a tentpole of the Republican Party.