Republicans Try To Spy For Trump By Sneaking Recording Devices Into Impeachment Hearing


House Republicans tried to spy for Trump by trying to sneak recording devices into the secure intelligence briefing room where the impeachment hearings are being held.

Erik Wasson of Bloomberg reported:


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) explained on Morning Joe that the hearing is being held in a secure intelligence room where no recording devices, phones, or cameras are allowed, “It’s three floors below the Capitol, no cameras inside, no phones allowed inside. Any classified notes stay inside, classified conversations stay inside. It’s to protect the information, and in this case there was no special counsel. There was no special prosecutor. The attorney general refused to even take up this case, so we have to do this in a closed environment because we know that if witnesses know what other witnesses will say, they will tailor their testimony and cook up alibis and we have reason to believe that may be going on. We’re trying to protect that information to the degree that we can.”

Republicans are trying to compromise the impeachment investigation by bringing recording devices in, so that they can report back to Donald Trump what is going on. Rep. Swalwell also said that Republicans are not staying for the full hearings.

House Republicans are going to desperate and extreme lengths to compromise the impeachment investigation to save the presidency of Donald Trump.

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