Adam Schiff Throws Out 3 Dozen House Republicans Who Tried To Crash Impeachment Hearing

House Republicans tried to crash the impeachment hearing on Wednesday, but Adam Schiff halted the proceedings and tossed them out.

Here is how it went down:

Only Republicans who are on the committees are allowed to attend the impeachment investigation hearings. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tried to crash the hearings last week and was kicked out by Chairman Schiff. House Republicans also tried to sneak illegal recording devices into the secure room where the impeachment hearings are being held , but that effort was also halted by Rep. Schiff.


The hearings are being held in a secure room because Democrats learned from Trump’s behavior during the Mueller probe that this president will illegally interfere in investigations if he is given any possible opening.

Republicans are trying to spy for Trump. Those House Republicans who are on the three committees are allowed to attend all of the hearings, and they are given equal time to ask questions of the witnesses.

However, they can’t record the hearing or take any notes out of the room. Trump isn’t getting any inside information, as the Republican efforts to compromise the impeachment probe are failing.

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