Trump Demands 16 More Years In Office During Speech In Pittsburgh

Trump was supposed to be giving an official presidential speech to an energy conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Instead, he ranted about impeachment, Democrats, and got the crowd to chant 16 more years.

Trump said, “Wow. Look at the great people. Thank you very much. Four more years. Why don’t you drive them crazy and go sixteen more years? You’ll drive them crazy.”


The White House Pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA revealed how Trump tried to turn an energy conference into a campaign event, “The blatant politicking highlighted the two separate crowds at the speech: the shale conference attendees at the front of the room who largely sat silent through the campaign-style speech, and the roughly 1,000 supporters in a general admission section at the back of the room who erupted in loud cheers for the president.”

Trump’s travel and expenses for his campaign-style speech were taxpayer-funded because this was supposed to be a speech on energy. Trump called the emoluments clause of the constitution phony earlier this week. The president thinks that he is jabbing the media by getting the crowd to support violations of his constitutional term limits, but he is actually displaying his contempt for our system of government.

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