Ari Melber Says History Will Remember Lindsey Graham As A Trump Hack Who Endorsed Treason

Ari Melber said that South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham sealed his fate on Thursday by pushing a phony anti-impeachment resolution and endorsing Donald Trump’s treasonous phone call with Ukraine.

During his program, the MSNBC host crushed the GOP senator, calling his legislation meaningless and reminding him that hollow political theater won’t get him very far once impeachment reaches the Senate.

“This resolution is basically mostly theater today,” Melber said. “It doesn’t impact the probe at all.”


Melber said:

Now when you read Sen. Graham’s actual brand-new resolution – and I have it right here – it does not propose a law or even suggest the Senate do anything. Instead, what this does is criticize the House. In fact, if you flip to the end, it’s only five pages, it lists basically three things that it calls on Speaker Pelosi to do: Hold a floor vote about the current probe, give the president due process and give away subpoena powers to the Republican minority in the House, which is not how the House is typically organized. Now, let me be clear with you. Sen. Graham knows the House doesn’t take orders from the Senate or vice versa. And the Senate also has the upper hand here, because any impeachment, if there is one, will ultimately go to the Senate for the final call, a trial or acquittal or conviction. So this resolution is basically mostly theater today. It doesn’t impact the probe at all, but as Sen. Graham was trying to score those points, along the way he did end up endorsing Trump’s Ukrainian call. ‘Okay with me,’ he said. And that will become key to all of this if the House impeaches. The Senate at that point cannot just pass resolutions criticizing the House or any other part of the government. It will have to act. It will have to hear and decide on a case. And some senators may say anything goes or anything goes if it’s in their party – or they’re okay with a president apparently, according to multiple witnesses, extorting a political bribe from a foreign country. Others may not be okay with that. They may decide that some votes — maybe very few votes, maybe just one vote, but some votes — can be bigger than politics or news cycles. Some votes actually still around here, they still make history and they certainly determine how history remembers you.

Lindsey Graham is completely irredeemable 

The impeachment probe was unaffected by Lindsey Graham’s cheap stunt on Thursday. The evidence is still damning, the witnesses are still credible and Trump’s presidency is still at great risk as the facts continue to pile up.

What the South Carolina senator did make clear, though, is that he is irredeemable. The close pal of John McCain who occasionally put country first is completely gone. In his place is a shameless Trump lapdog.

When the history books are written, Lindsey Graham will be remembered as a spineless senator who put politics over country and gave a thumbs up to a corrupt president’s abuse of power.

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