Opinion: Trump’s Corruption Comes Full Circle As His DC Hotel Abruptly Cancels Kurdish Solidarity Event

Donald Trump’s DC hotel decided it doesn’t want the money that comes from Christians showing solidarity with the Kurds. According to the Washington Post, the Trump International Hotel “abruptly” canceled the event that Frontier Alliance International said was intended to honor and pray for the Kurdish people.

Dalton Thomas, the aid group’s founder, described the reasons he was given as “hazy.”

A second official of the religious group, Charlene Struebing, said Trump Hotel staff cited “security concerns” because FAI’s critics planned to protest outside.

“They said they’ve gotten a lot of security concerns and they couldn’t accommodate enough security,” Struebing said. “I think it’s more related to people protesting our event than it was anything we were doing.”

If the Trump International Hotel is trying to prove that it is independent of the president and is not influenced by his political decisions, it’s going about it the wrong way.

From a business perspective, the optics are horrible. They reflect an insensitivity to the Christian organization that merely wants to honor people who are suffering. One would think an event like this would be welcomed – even if there is a protest. And we know that protests as such are not the problem because no one garners engenders protests more than Donald Trump.

We know that Donald Trump is a champion of Christians having the freedom to speak their minds and pursue political goals. But maybe it isn’t about that at all. Maybe when Trump says he defends Christians, he really defends Christians in name only (CINO). The sort of Christians who welcome ethnic cleansing and celebrate putting children in cages after tearing them away from their asylum-seeking families.

If that’s what this is about, Donald Trump’s corruption has come full circle. He may as well put a sign up at all his hotels, restaurants, clubs, condos and other holdings that they only accept business from politically correct customers.

You know the type. They wear MAGA hats, attend Trump rallies and help Rudy Guiliani shake down countries. And even if one isn’t concerned about the business implications of letting Trump’s politics rule over his business practices, Christians for Trump should start asking questions.

It’s Donald Trump who campaigned on the imaginary discrimination that Christians face here and abroad. He assured politicized churches campaigning for him that he would maintain their tax free status (which they do). He claimed that opponents of politicized churches are picking on Christians and want to deny them free speech. But here is an example of a Trump business silencing Christians because they want to honor the Kurds. What else could be so politically incorrect that it will make Christians personae non grata at a Trump business?

Until now, I thought Donald Trump would literally do anything for money. Visiting foreign dignitaries have long believed that staying at Trump’s DC hotel would grease his palm enough to get whatever they want. Attorney General Barr is holding a Christmas party at Trump’s hotel for $30,000.

We saw Trump holding infomercials disguised as press opportunities to promote Doral as the perfect place for a G7 summit.

I was against all of these practices on ethics and constitutional grounds. Then wouldn’t you know it, the first time I’m ready to applaud a Trump enterprise for keeping business separate from politics, it reverts to true Trump form.

When there’s a choice between embracing greed and humanity, greed always wins out, except on that rare occasion when it’s possible to profit from a humanitarian event.

That’s exactly what happened when Trump’s hotel staff expressed great concern about protests over a Christian group actually doing something consistent with Christian values.

Normally, I could care less about a Trump hotel’s business decisions. But this one comes during a week in which the people who spilled blood to make us safer were betrayed by Donald Trump, and he did it in our name.

Who am I kidding? He did it to protect Trump Towers in Istanbul from the wrath of Turkish President Erdogan.

He handed the Kurdish enclave in Syria to Erdogan, allowing atrocities. He imposed sanctions for — what, two days? — before removing them again. ISIS fighters that the Kurds kept under lock and key are roaming free. Erdogan and Putin held a celebratory summit to carve up the enclave – making it abundantly clear that Mr. Trump had nothing to say about the redrawing of the map in that part of the world.

Then Trump added insult to ethnic cleansing and injury by suggesting everyone was happy with the arrangement and no American soldiers got hurt or killed.

He’s wrong about that. American soldiers did get hurt because they were forced to abandon their allies and their honor in the name of protecting Trump Towers.

Americans at home were hurt because while most wouldn’t know where Syria is; the world is less trusting of America thanks to Donald Trump and that makes the world a less hospitable place for all Americans.

He also hurt all of us by throwing away more of our values and now, he won’t even profit from that.

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