Trump Goes Full Crazy And Releases 2020 Attack Ad Against Hillary Clinton

The House impeachment inquiry continued to take its toll on Donald Trump on Thursday as he released a 2020 attack ad … against Hillary Clinton.

In a short clip posted to social media, audio of Clinton jokingly floating the idea of running for president again in 2020 is played with video footage of what appears to be a dark forest. The video ends by playing the 2016 Democratic nominee’s laughter alongside ominous sound effects.

It’s the latest attempt by Trump to attack his favorite political foe – the woman who beat him in the popular vote by 3 million votes in 2016 – to distract from his dumpster fire presidency.

Sadly, it’s unlikely to work since the video clip looks like something that would be produced by a middle school film student.

Trump has turned his crazy up to 11

Donald Trump has never been a mature, stable adult, much less a competent, respectable president. But over the past several weeks – as credible evidence and witnesses pile up in the ongoing House impeachment inquiry – his mental spiral has accelerated rapidly.

His Twitter attacks have become more vitriolic, his speeches have become more incoherent and his grasp of reality has become, well, nonexistent.

Just yesterday, in fact, the president demanded that he remain in office for 16 more years. In the same speech, he bragged about building a wall around the non-border state of Colorado.

A day later, he’s releasing attack ads against Hillary Clinton – his opponent in 2016 that will not be running for president in 2020.

Inside whatever is left of Donald Trump’s warped mind, the anti-Hillary Clinton video clip he posted on social media on Thursday is probably a stroke of genius that pleases him to no end.

But for the rest of the country, it’s just the latest indication that this president is completely out of his damn mind.

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