Adam Schiff Rips Lindsey Graham A New One On Impeachment

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) took apart Sen. Lindsey Graham and his resolution condemning Trump’s impeachment.

Rep. Schiff said on ABC’s This Week, “This is poor timing for Lindsey Graham because on the heels of his saying he’s going to introduce this bill, the court just ruled that his arguments essentially have no merit, that the House of Representatives can proceed as it has with an impeachment inquiry that’s been authorized by our leadership that no vote on the House floor is necessary… I think what we’re seeing really is Lindsey Graham trying to respond to the devastating testimony that’s come out from Ambassador Taylor and others, from Mick Mulvaney’s own admission that not only was this White House meeting that Ukraine sought with the president withheld but the military aid itself was withheld as a way of pressuring Ukraine to do these two political investigations that the president believed would help his re-election campaign”

Video of Rep. Schiff on ABC’s This Week:

Chairman Schiff continued, “Lindsey Graham doesn’t want to talk about that. Mitch McConnell doesn’t want to talk about it. On this precedence, it’s important to realize, and Lindsey doesn’t want to talk about this either, in both of those prior impeachments, they were lengthy closed-door investigations, fact-finding before grand juries in both Nixon and in Clinton that we didn’t have here. And why? Because Bill Barr wouldn’t authorize a criminal investigation into the president’s misconduct, vis-a-vis Ukraine. That’s why we’re having to do this.”

Adam Schiff was right. Graham’s impeachment resolution, Trump’s Baghdadi show, and the illegal storming of impeachment interviews are all intended to divert attention and distract, but Chairman Schiff and House Democrats aren’t falling for it. Trump has no defense for the facts surrounding his Ukraine call so he and his party are putting on a three-ring circus.

Public impeachment hearings will begin soon, and when they do, there is no amount of distraction that will take public attention away from impeachment. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell’s dog and pony show have already been forgotten, as America continues to roll down the road of Trump impeachment.

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